What I Miss During This Quarantine Time

What I Miss During This Quarantine Time
For the past several years, I’ve been meeting some friends every morning at 7 AM at a local coffee shop in Bellevue, Tennessee. We all come from different walks of life; some guys are retired and just love sitting around talking and doing crossword puzzles. Others are in the music industry, and we share our stories, good and bad. Some are sports fanatics who love the Predators and the Titans, so the discussion becomes when are we going to win the Super Bowl or when are we going to get a Stanley Cup, but the conversation is always friendly and enjoyable.

Even though I’m a huge Steeler Fan

Even though I’m a huge Steeler fan living in the Titans world, it’s just fun to be able to talk about sports with my buddies. When it comes to the varied types of people that come in and sit around the table to talk, some have written significant hit songs for major country stars, some of them are major themselves. Others are businessmen, stopping by to get a cup of coffee and end up sitting down and talking about their business or what they’re doing for that day But when you enter the coffee shop we’re on the same plane, we’re just a bunch of friends there to share stories and encourage one another.

Of course, there’s a ring leader who started this whole thing; we call him the mayor of City Limits Coffee Shop. He always sits at the same table, has a positive outlook on things, and always encourages the others that we are all blessed by God.

What I Miss during this Quarantine time

Lest I forget the most important people at City Limits Bakery and Cafe, the great staff. We’ve got to know them they’ve got to know us. They listen to us when we come in and complain about whose idea it was to get up so early in the morning. They share their life with us; we talk about their children, their jobs, their families. When I get there in the morning, the employees love to give me a hard time. I am not exactly sure why it happens, maybe because I dish it out also, but it sure is fun and wakes me up in the morning. God has truly blessed me with my friends, and there’s always a purpose in everything that we do, and as I continue to look to God, I know that the sun is always shining.

Be Blessed
Tom Sabella

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