#115 – Is the Force Majure Clause in the Contract the New Normal?

In this very special episode, we talk with Jack Forman

Is the Force Majure Clause in the Contract the New Normal? In this very special episode, we talk with Jack Forman, who serves as Executive Vice President of BiCoastal Productions, the New York City-based concerts, and theatrical booking agency. We talk about the Force Majure Clause in contracts, an often-overlooked section where an actual “Act of God” situation can interrupt, postpone, cancel a show, or even an entire tour. With the current COVID-19 epidemic going on worldwide, it’s affecting the music business on many levels, including the acts that Jack’s agency is representing.

We discuss what agents are having to do to keep tours alive, along with what are the new dates they’re all looking at with regards to getting the bands back on the road.

We also discuss what the future of the live music industry is going to be (with an estimated $12.2 billion in revenue in 2019).

Are non-linear streaming platforms going to be the new way to be entertained? Are millennials becoming the “Netflix & Chill” society?

Will shows become an interactive experience?

What is the future of the booking agent?

And ultimately is the Force Majure clause in contracts is going to be something all promoters and buyers look at with a whole new understanding.

BiCoastal Productions roster includes LeeRocker (of Stray Cats fame), Naturally 7, Colin Mochrie’s HYPROV (of Whose Line is it Anyway?). The Hit Men (Legendary Rock Supergroup), Scotland’s Red Hot Chilli Pipers, and The Daily Show Writers Comedy Tour. Originally spearheading the agency’s coverage of the Western United States, Jack now oversees the core agency staff and global touring strategy. He remains actively involved with industry organizations like the Western Arts Alliance (WAA), North American Performing Arts Managers and Artists (NAPAMA), and the Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP).

Jack attended Chicago’s Columbia College.

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (an avid Packers fan), Jack attended Chicago’s Columbia College with a focus in Arts, Entertainment & Media Management while also working at The Windish Agency (now Paradigm) with Indie & Electronic music agents. After college, Jack was recruited to ICM Partners’ New York City branch in the Urban Concerts department, and he would later join BiCoastal Productions, adding to the growing team led by Ron Gartner & Fran Heller. Jack currently lives in Long Branch, NJ, with his wife, Shelly, and their baby girl, Jeanette.


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