#154 – Understanding Who You Are As a Personal Brand

#154 – Understanding Who You Are As a Personal Brand. As an independent artist, especially as a female performer, you can’t replicate what the traditional music industry model is doing, so why try? One of the most important things that today’s independent artists need to understand is online entrepreneurship. Especially when it comes both to and from the female perspective, which can be more challenging for today’s independent artists in what many consider a male-dominated world.

Our conversation with today’s guest, Lindsey Kirkendall, helps the artist understand who you are as a personal brand. We talk about having your audience discover not who you are, but more importantly, what you are in today’s business. She explains that as an artist, you’re not selling music as much as you’re selling emotion, keeping in mind that approaching it from a business is just as much as an art, as is artistry.

Understanding Who You Are As a Personal Brand

We also talk about how e-commerce can now be a big part of your income these days, especially while you’re not touring or performing live. You can have a full-time career in music and have a life that you love instead of riding the fence between the two worlds of music and your day job.

Lindsey teaches artists how to get paid what they’re worth. As an industry veteran who has spent 15+ years working independently and on the music industry’s corporate side, she has developed a broad understanding of the music business landscape – and what female artists are often up against. She began her corporate career as a marketing consultant to independent artists at Salem Publishing. During this time, she began to notice the seismic shifts happening in the digital space and became determined to show artists a new way. A way that allowed artists to build a thriving, profitable career while maintaining complete independence from the label system. This excited her, and she quickly dove into 1:1 business coaching, helping artists learn how to grow, engage, and monetize their online fanbases. Although she enjoyed working with artists from all walks of life, she focused her work primarily on women at the end of 2018. As an artist and mother herself, she understands that women often need support and resources that look much different from what the current landscape offers.

She supports her clients thru 1:1 coaching, education, and group programs, helping them build custom music business plans that get them from point A to point Pay as quickly as possible. Her resume is as varied as they come, including roles in artist management, national radio promotions, marketing consulting, on-camera host, vocalist, and live concert videographer, to name a few. She’s had the privilege of working with such organizations as CMT, MTV, Starstruck Entertainment, Sony, BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC, but her favorite role is mom to her two boys: Slayton and Ryker.



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