Open Doors

Revelations 3:8  I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.

Psalm139:16 “In your book were all written The days that were ordained for me when as yet, there was not one of them. “

Yes, at a very early age, I began to believe God was in control of all that happens to us and that doors will open with His will and direction. God offers continual care, and his care will not be withdrawn for an instant! This care can be preserved at any age, any season of life, or to any person who is a child of God. Don’t ever think that God is not watching over you. From before our birth till we meet in His kingdom, and all the times in between, He. is interested and invested in our lives. Sometimes, when we feel weakened from the challenges of life, we think our door will remain closed. If you will, please allow me to share one of my life events, and space will allow. This beginning experience was open to me at a very young age of approximately nine years old. The experience I will describe is from a door opened with God’s grace at nine, and at 71. The effects are still in use to this day!
It was about 62 years ago, and my brother and I were living with our legal guardians. We both had already been exposed to deep hatred, bitter divorce, much family sickness, and loss of self-esteem or trust.
Anyway, during that continuous learning process, out of an already dark sky, developed a sudden storm! My aunt and uncle, who were my guardians, (my mom‘s sister), had decided to sign us up for an extensive study in public speaking and all related activities. Private training with a personal teacher. Of course, it was summer break! Homework was assigned, breathing exercises in front of a mirror, and word interpretation.
Boy, did I have a tantrum-and hated them that summer!
I pray you understand my following explanation and conclusion of my open door experience. We could be given direction or new experiences which we don’t understand – at any time in life, young or old!
As I matured and developed experience through my private speaking lessons, things begin to happen to my feelings.
I got A’s in school in every speech class I took, or drama classes. My self-confidence brew in the midst of continued personal tribulations as I became respected for my speaking skill and ask throughout the years to holiday narrations tapes, dramas, and plays. From that first class to this day, I still am being blessed by the opening door. Yes, I have struggles in life, such as 43 surgeries, as an example. But because of the door open to me at nine, I was able to hold my head high, stay strong, and feel I was always useful in some way to someone!
God is good! If you’re hoping for your door to open, open your heart and mind and watch what God will do!
Open doors Revelation 3:8 

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