#118 – The Steps You Can Take To Be Your Own Manager

The Steps You Can Take To Be Your Own Manager

In this episode, we chat with Matt Allen who is one of the co-founders, and the Account Director with “The Famous Company” based out of London England About The Steps You Can Take To Be Your Own Manager.

He shares how his company was born out of the frustration of artists who thought they needed a record deal, or a manager in order to be successful. The Famous Company provides a mentoring over management perspective, working with the artist, and showing them that one size does not fit all. They show you the steps you can take to be your own manager.

The Famous Company is a globally recognized, boutique, music services agency. Since first launching in 2010, they’ve built a team of award-winning industry professionals who offer a range of high-end services for labels, managers, and artists across the globe.

Their mission is to serve the independent music sector with high-quality creative, mentoring and promotional services. As an established business, the mantra has always remained the same – to take great talent further and make great music.

Over the last 10 years The Famous Company has assisted artists, managers and independent labels from London to Los Angeles, Sydney to Sheffield. Together, they’ve helped thousands of artists to launch a music career, secure airplay on international radio and TV stations, achieve millions of streams on Spotify, sign sync and licensing deals, and take the stage at high profile events including the London 2012 Olympics.

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