#185 – Entrepreneur, Funding Your Project, Building Your Fan Base

Recording artist Karen Waldrup and record producer Paul Worley join us in the studio on this episode. Karen discusses what it takes to release her new music, with Paul at the helm, producing the project.

Karen and Paul share how she’s funding her new project in a new and innovative way called Music Benefactors; an SEC registered investment platform designed to help independent artists support their projects thru their fan base as investors.

As a Country singer/songwriter and innovative entrepreneur, Karen has captivated audiences worldwide through her authenticity, charismatic live performances, and her new styling of nostalgic (as well as modern) country music. Her Waldrup Worldwide fan base is 1,000,000 people, strong and growing daily. In addition, her online videos have been viewed over 400 million times.

Karen has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, People Magazine, Netflix, The Hallmark Channel, Bravo TV, Facebook Artist of the Day, NASCAR ESPN Live, the NFL Experience Superbowl XLVII, CMT, and hundreds of other outlets worldwide. In addition, she has scored 12 Nashville Industry Music Awards and won the 2019 Torch Award from the Keith Whitley Fingerprint on Country Music Awards.

Waldrup has played sold-out shows throughout her career in such cities as London, Atlanta, Knoxville, Dallas, and beyond. Waldrup currently hosts a weekly online series on Country Rebel’s Facebook page entitled “Waldrup Wednesday.” The show initially airs every Wednesday at 5 PM CT and can be accessed on-demand via Facebook and YouTube.

Paul Worley is known for his work in country music. Formerly a vice president at Sony BMG, he later joined the Warner Bros. Records’ Nashville division staff as a chief creative officer. Since leaving Warner in the early 2000s, Worley has worked mainly as a record producer for other acts, such as Big & Rich, as well as an occasional session guitarist. He is most widely known as the co-producer (with Victoria Shaw) of the self-titled debut album of Lady Antebellum (2008) and as one of the producers of their second album, Need You Now (2010). He also discovered the Dixie Chicks and, with Blake Chancey, co-produced their first two albums.




The music provided for this episode is from:

Artist: Karen Waldrup

Single: “I Go By Jane Doe” BMI

Songwriters: Karen Waldrup, Brandon Darcy, Ben Russell


Artist: Karen Waldrup

Single: “Over The Ocean” BMI

Songwriters: Karen Waldrup, Brandon Darcy, Ben Russell

Artist: Karen Waldrup

Single: “Justified” BMI

Songwriters: Karen Waldrup, Brian Kolb

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  1. i’m so blessed and excited to be apart of this next adventure ..as i stated before i’m so very proud of you you’ve come a long way ..put god first and everything else falls into place ..you have an amazing team who i would call the dream team ..and yes as you said team work makes dream works..looking forward to new music..keep reaching for the starts..discover Karen Waldrup music#Colorado fan since 2018#FAN #SUPPORTER AND PROUD TO CALL A FRIEND..

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