#189 – Taking Your Fans From Suspect To Super Fan

Here’s a question for you. Will the person who you think is your fan actually like your music. Are they willing to put the time and effort into becoming a fan of your career? How devoted and passionate of a fan are they? How do you go about getting them engaged in your trade? How do you go about creating new fans who will also become devoted followers?

Just as you nurture prospects in the real world, you also have to boost those prospects in the online world. You’re in the fan-building business. You have to get them from the fan, occasional lover, excellent fan, and superfan.

Mike Stewart, the President and Found of Stewart Internet Solutions, chats with us regarding what it takes to reach those people and turn them from suspects into Super Fans.

I take marketing. Marketing is not evil. Marketing is necessary. You need to use such devices as Kindle, Amazon, and YouTube properly and learn how to leverage these platforms to your benefit. Part of this understands that platforms such as YouTube are a traffic generation process. It’s not an income-producing process. It markets whatever you’re selling.

Mike is president and founder of Stewart Internet Solutions Inc., an Internet consulting agency and services company located in Nashville, TN, USA. Mike has composed countless radio jingles and television scores and produced or performed on music heard worldwide. He has worked with world-famous musicians such as Tommy Roe, Joe South, William Bell (Georgia Hall of Fame Recipient and 2017 Grammy Winner), Buckner Garcia, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Billy Joe Royal, Alicia Bridges, Isaac Hayes, Eddie Floyd, Bertie Higgins, Doug Johnson, and Bill Anderson.  He has a gold record for playing keys on 80’s hit Pac Man Fever as a band member of Buckner and Garcia and recorded the theme to Disney’s Oscar-nominated movie, “Wreck-It Ralph” in 2012

The list goes on and on of national performers who’s who. He owned and operated a recording studio for over twenty years, working in all-digital audio and video facets.

In 1996, Mike became passionate about the future of the Internet and how small businesses could benefit from the web if they just understood how to make it work for their company. He saw how the broadcast of audio and video information on a website was no different than the television/radio industry he had been a part of all his life.

Since that time, he has successfully consulted with small business owners on how to set up their worldwide TV stations and broadcast their unique marketing message to the world.

Stewart Internet Solutions focused on Internet technologies that allowed audio and video to be streamed over the Internet. We developed distance training websites, e-commerce projects, and audio/video intensive web projects utilizing HTML 5 responsive web programming. He didn’t stop there but was constantly striving to be on the cutting edge of technology, always searching for better, more efficient ways of achieving his goals. After listening to a set of audiotapes in 2000, he attended his first Internet Marketing Seminar.

Initially, Mike was a student himself. Soon he was hired to record seminars, events, and webinars. Through techniques he learned from the seminar speakers and promoters, he created his software products that made the process easier. While he had spoken to many groups, associations, and business organizations throughout the years, his first Internet Marketing Seminar speaking engagement was in 2003.

Since then, he has attended and spoken at many events worldwide. Mike teaches attendees the benefits of owning the right equipment and utilizing it to record themselves to make quality multi-media audio and video information products that can be marketed for high profits. He is always looking for innovative ideas, products, hardware, and software to benefit his clients. His hands-on customer service approach outshines most, and he creates in-depth audio and video tutorials to enhance the products he sells. These tutorials are now available in over 20 subscription websites linked to this site. More training sites are being created and updated on an ongoing basis.

Mike and his wife,  Susan, who works and travels with him on his speaking engagements, are now enjoying working with the music industry professionals in Nashville and back to his passion for songwriting and music production. They have three children involved in several aspects of the business.


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