#191 – Getting Fans to (Financially) Invest In Your Dream

Matt Lutz, the Founder, and CEO of Music Benefactors

Getting Fans to (Financially) Invest In Your Dream

Being a creative person isn’t easy, especially if you’re trying to do this the whole time. It’s not your regular 9 to 5 job. This is your life. Your passion. Your ongoing creation. And it most often takes money to advance your dreams to the next level, especially if you decide to take the independent route and not seek out the traditional record deal. Enter Matt Lutz, the Founder, and CEO of Music Benefactors, providing a possible solution without having to sell everything you own along the way to fund your project.

Music Benefactors is an SEC-registered investment platform democratizing the music industry—Independent recording artists and music businesses fund projects by partnering with music investors. As a result, artists maintain ownership of their master recordings and copyrights while fans share the projects’ royalties. This unique platform enables artists to be truly independent of the primary label system while providing them with the needed capital to make and market music. Music Benefactors can provide debt and equity funding options to recording artists, promoters, venues, independent labels, music publishers, and music technology companies. It is currently funding several album projects, a catalog investment fund, a Neil Diamond tribute tour, and several other music investment opportunities.

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Matt Lutz has founded and operated several other businesses before starting Music Benefactors. His extensive knowledge of alternative investments brought him to the music industry. Like other asset classes, music is an investment that generates income for the intellectual property owners every time it is played or used commercially. Matt Lutz’s goal with Music Benefactors is to introduce music investing to all investors. By educating people about the benefits of music investing, independent music projects get funded, investors and artists share the income, and great music is made.


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