#182 – The Music Business is a 10 Part Process with Joel Wertman

Music Business is a 10 Part Process with Joel Wertman

The music business is a 10 part process. 9/10th of it exposes what you have, and the 1/10th is the actual product, which is probably an essential part. But for that to be the most critical part, you have to find, expose, and promote to that audience. Keep in mind that so much of it today is an “instant gratification” business. An overnight success typically won’t stand the test of time, like a legacy act that took time to develop. So it’s not only about the song, but how it (and you) are appropriately promoted.

On this episode of the Business Side of Music, Joel Wertman, the CEO of Heartland Network, joins us. Born in Toronto, Canada, Joel’s career began in 1977 as a young music artist when he wrote and produced a song that reached the top five in Canada and Europe. After this success, Wertman moved to Los Angeles, where he joined Mushroom Records as a staff producer and writer and recorded and remixed for artists including Heart, Ian Matthews, and others.

Under the tutelage of the legendary Mushroom Records’ co-founder Shelly Siegel, Wertman developed his style and passion for music and the recording and producing process. Sadly Joel’s career nearly derailed when Siegel passed away suddenly at the age of 32.

Despite his strong attachment to Siegel, the then 20-something Wertman decided to soldier on and continue to work with top acts before landing executive roles with several record labels, including as president of Eureka/EMI Eureka/BMG, Eureka Records, and Sire/Discovery Records. During the 1980s, 90s, and 2000s, Wertman was instrumental in the careers of many artists, including The Goo Goo Dolls, Heart, KISS, No Doubt, Bush, Young MC, and Tiffany, among others.

While continuing his work with music artists under his WhattaGuy Music label, Wertman began developing and producing programming for children, then going on to produce music for Lifetime’s hit reality series “Dance Moms.”

By 2017 Wertman expanded his interests by becoming CEO of The Heartland Network and its sister television networks, Retro TV, Rev’n, The Action Channel, and The Family Channel.

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