#179 – No Longer The Wild West on YouTube, Protect Your Content

What if you discovered that someone other than yourself was making money off of our creative content? What if a big brand was using your music as part of a marketing campaign without your knowledge? What could you do about it? You can’t have value to your copyright if you don’t assign value to it.

Technically, all things online are governed by the Digital Millennium Copyright, but that act was written back in 1998, and things have changed a great deal since then. Ad Rev came along in 2011 to help people with their YouTube content ID and work to make sure that you, as the content owner, claim and receive what is due to you.

Noah Becker, who is the founder and President of AdRev, walks us thru what it takes to ensure that your music is protected on such social platforms as YouTube. We talk about how content ID/monetization works and why it is important to ensure a content ID.

AdRev is celebrating its 10th anniversary in the music industry, with over 100 million subscribers in-network and having paid $250 million in revenue to rights owners.


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