19. Kindness: Where Did it Go?

I have to admit that the word kindness, which I have devoted to this article from my life, is not a word that I quickly learned, appreciated, or understood in my early years. Most of my immediate family and relatives projected some loving qualities. Still, I never felt the traits given out included kindness, compassion, patience, respect for others, tenderheartedness, and forgiveness.
You know, in this current world, the softer side of life seems to have vanished. I felt God instilled in me the empathy for others, to be drawn to those I had contact with, wanting to make sure I tried to bring some idea of God’s kindness to each I would meet.
The attitudes of one for another seemed more focused on negative concepts, sugarcoated half-truths, impatience, and retaliation. Even the God of our universe is maligned and neglected in our lives.
I truly feel the Lord wants true Christians to act and behave as Christians, not for self-gain, but for fellow man’s happiness, self-respect, and salvation.
The following scriptures mention God’s word on this. Romans 12:10Jesus says,” Be kindly affectionate to one another, with brotherly love, and honor giving preference to one another.”
And Isaiah 54:10, Lord says,” for the mountains depart and the hills are removed, but My kindness shall not depart from you.”
How can we do less than this for others?
Please allow me to explain a typical conversation and words and thoughts I try to use with each person I contact, no matter the setting.
In my example, I have a doctor’s appointment. For instance, when the nurse calls me back, I immediately focus on her, wanting to help them feel special, appreciated, and respected.
I always consider these feelings, ask about family, thank them for their help, kindness, and skill. Then, tell them truthfully from my heart what a blessing they are to me and how much appreciated they are in my and God’s eyes.
I follow these feelings in all areas I have contact with, professional or otherwise, such as healthcare workers, pharmacy workers, valet servers, anyone providing a service.
I believe you get my point! We must take time to consider others and that their lives may suffer quietly while serving us. They are serving us with courage, compassion; helping us at the expense of their burdens, such as worry, lack of self-respect, love, or self-esteem.
Let each of us make sure we don’t dismiss a person from our contact experience without spreading God’s love and kindness in their lives.
May God bless!

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  1. AMEN. I Have never heard it put down like that. This is Tony Sabella joe. The dear lord has given me the opportunity to know you. And for all the others out there who have not been blessed with the Honor of getting to know you and be your friend joe. Keep praying. God hears you joe. You are the strongest person I know. Sorry Dad….

    Now go drink coffee. Lol

    Love u both.

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