#174 – Look at Your Recording Stems as a Revenue Stream

Do you look at your stems when recording in the studio as a revenue stream, or just layers of your song as a whole?

Audioshake has created the AI technology, which is designed to help the rightsholder to the music to be able to create professional stems without having to go back into the studio. This is perfect for the artist looking to create not only vocal tracks but also segmented files that can be used for music in film and television aspects, without the time and cost of having to go back into the studio to edit and mix the parts needed. Stems can make the difference in setting up a scene in a film or series, and this program provides the tools to do it right. This literally can take the music down to the molecular level if need be.

Audioshake CEO Jessica Powell

The idea of creating Audioshake came from Co-Founder and CEO Jessica Powell and her partners wanting to sing Karaoke while over in Japan. Still, their preferred choice of music was Punk, and there weren’t any tracks available to that specific genre of music. Also, they were discovering that they were karaoking to really cheesy sub-standard Midi versions that weren’t close to the real thing, which they felt took away from experience.

Out of those experiences, Audioshake has created the AI technology that will create stems and instrumentals from songs in minutes.

Why does this matter?

  • Old songs (think: mono-track) cannot be broken up
  • Analog multi-track: tapes are often damaged or lost
  • Shift to digital in the 90s: stems got lost in the shuffle
  • Contemporary: everything should have stems, but sometimes
  • they aren’t delivered, or in some cases, songs are recorded on phones

People have been working in the field of sound separation for a long time: 

  • However, quality hasn’t historically been good enough to use the stems commercially. Recent advances in A.I. have really helped it take off. Facebook, Deezer, and several academic researchers are working on the problem.
  • Audioshake has the highest quality items in the world and the greatest breadth: vocals, drums, bass, guitar, and others…and we’re working on other instruments as well.

Audioshake offers the possibility to help artists and rights holders open up their songs for new uses — instrumentals for sync licensing, stems for re-mixes, removing bleed from live recordings, creating stems for spatial audio, etc. 

Stems have been used in re-mixes, songwriting camps, movies, documentaries, and commercials.

Their company also has an on-demand platform for music labels and publishers who need to create large volumes of stems, and it also provides stem storage. 

This program is about helping artists make more money from their work. Audioshake wanted to build something for the industry–not a generally available consumer technology that would allow anyone to pirate artists’ work.

Jessica Powell is the co-founder and CEO of Audioshake, an AI technology that creates professional-quality stems and instrumentals from songs. She has over 15 years of experience in the technology industry. She is a former Vice President of Google, but she got her start in music at CISAC, the international author’s rights organization. She is also the author of the best-selling book, The Big Disruption, and writes regularly for the New York Times, TIME magazine, and other publications. 


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