Christmas 2020. My Priceless Gift

Christmas 2020. My Priceless Gift

Those of you who have honored me with reading my previous articles have realized that my now 73 years have been lived with a wide variety of hard to fathom highs and lows.
In the spirit of the season, I would like to share with you a true Christmas story, which I pray at its conclusion that you will also understand how precious my gift was.
My story begins during the highest outbreak of the Covid virus, approximately on November 2020, as we hurried toward Christmas. Masks were the rule, not an exception, and Covid tests around the clock, quarantines of families growing almost daily. During this time, our family and many others could just pray for safety and a quick end to the pandemic.
As time moved on, and we kept hearing of new cases all around us, we began to feel we might ride this out in safety, until, when our granddaughter was visiting us, she explained she did not feel well, and all held our breath, and we thought surely not! But to be safe, a test was given, and sure enough, Covid had infiltrated our family! she was positive for Covid!
As December moved forward, things changed so fast, as soon every family member became ill and tested positive for Covid except me!
I seemed to continue to resist the virus as we wound down toward Christmas,
Until I first began to feel a slight headache and chest congestion, Christmas. However, I had no fever at all, so I continued to feel I was safe. I took over-the-counter and anti-congestion medicines.
I guess I began to feel worse and worse slowly, but still with no fever, but I decided to check with a test anyway, and yes, I tested positive! Very quickly after that, I seemed to worsen, and on about December 22, after coming back from a walk-in clinic check-up, I passed out before I got inside from the car and tore my knee, and passed out again when I got inside my condo! My breathing became very labored.!
My wife rushed me to the emergency room and little did I know this would be the last time I would be able to see her till after Christmas!
I was immediately put on oxygen and IV, and before I knew it, my primary care doctor was bending over me in a hazmat suit examining me. He said I had covid severe pneumonia and would be hospitalized in isolation for at least five days!
So when many folks were in last-minute plans for a family get together’s, dinners, shopping, presents, and other comforts, I found myself fighting for breath in an isolation room far from the general population and with only a skeleton staff assigned to my room.
My friends, until you face the situation, on one of the holiest days of the year, can you possibly understand what a gift our Lord and Savior can give to those who believe and trust in his word.
As Christmas morning dawned, my oxygen treatment and IV and shots continued, the true meaning of Christmas was made so clear. Yes, I was alone in a challenging time, but God’s true gift of never-ending Grace to those willing to accept it surrounded my soul with peace, thanks, Hope,  and the freedom no disease could ever destroy.
Without this knowledge of God’s gift to me, I don’t know how one could ever find peace on a Christmas morning as I experienced.
Yes, I will remember Christmas 2020 and want everyone this Christmas to thank our Lord for his precious son and the gift that never grows old!
As I was able to leave for home and look back at my now-vacant room, I remember the Grace that brought me home again!
To everyone, God bless and Merry Christmas!!!!


  1. Each story, each event, each time God intervenes in your life is just one more building block of hope for many. As we have shared over those special coffee meetings, God delivers us and makes a new, fresh path that we may be a light in darkness, and hope to the hopeless. God is able to deliver us.

    Thank you Joe for your faithful words.

  2. Praise the Lord for this Christmas miracle. May the Hope and Love of Jesus Christ permeate every home this Christmas Season. In Christ there are always better days ahead.

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