#145 – I Believe… The Story of Eliot Sloan and Blessid Union of Souls

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I Believe… The Story of Eliot Sloan and Blessid Union of Souls

In this special edition titled “DEAD HORSE DISCUSSIONS” with guest co-hosts Rick and Melissa Caballo, Dead Horse Branding Company owners, we chat with co-founder and Lead Vocalist Eliot Sloan from the multi-platinum award-winning group Blessid Union of Souls. Eliot spends time with us, talking about his career, how the band got started, taking the initiative to get their first hit single out to radio, and how 25 years later, the band continues to create new and wonderful music.

Since their 1995 debut release, ‘Home,’ Blessid Union of Souls has sold millions of records worldwide and never stopped living their dream: Creating and performing music that touches the hearts of countless people across the globe. 2020 marks the 25th Anniversary of their iconic first single, ‘I Believe,’ which not only topped the charts; it was the 4th most played song on radio of that year! On this and their other top 40 hits, their message of hope and unity has continued into the next generation.

Stronger than ever, original lead singer/songwriter Eliot Sloan, along with Brian Lovely, Chris Arduser, David Lessing, and Dave Ramos, are going into their 9th year of touring. They released their first live DVD,’ Blessid Union of Souls Live at Never on Sundays, ‘recorded in their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. The band’s stellar musicianship is showcased on every track, including the only live performance of ‘Brother My Brother,’ which was featured on Pokemon-The First Movie.

In the course of their career, not only has the band performed in all 50 of these United States several times over but around the world as well. With appreciation for those who risk their lives every day for our freedom, Blessid Union has had the honor and privilege of performing for U.S. military troops in Germany, Cuba, and Africa, as well as Japan, Bahrain, and South Korea.

Nothing short of amazing, it’s been a long stretch of road paved with hope and inspired by countless fans, friends, and relationships that continue to grow after 25 years. The heart, soul, and spirit of this band are still embodied in one simple phrase: Love is the answer. That’s one thing that will never change when it comes to Blessid Union of Souls.

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The music provided for this episode is from:

Artist: Blessid Union of Souls
Single: “I Believe”
Album: Home
Composer: Eliot Sloan
Website: www.blessidunionofsouls.net

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