#132 – New Music Platform that Provides a Recurring Income to the Artist

New Music Platform that Provides a Recurring Income to the Artist

John Waupsh is the CEO of Nerve, which is a service in an app that is crafted to stream unique audio and video content, from your favorite artist. How this app is different from the others is that this one helps the artist make money.

Around 2012 he started Preservation Project, finding and releasing previously unreleased projects from artists, especially those that had never been discovered or signed to a record label. His goal is to reunite the lost artist or their estate with the lost music, as he collects royalties for them.

With Nerve, John and his friends got together and came up with the idea of creating a source somewhat like the Spotify model, except where independent artists can earn a recurring liveable wage off of their music. They’ve created a platform that allows independent artists to deliver music to their fans, and at the same time make money in the process. You can find more information on the Nerve music platform at www.nerve.fm

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