#164 – As An Independent Artist You Shouldn’t Be Married To One Digital Platform

#164 – As An Independent Artist, You Shouldn’t Be Married To One Digital Platform

In this episode, we discuss Matej Harangozo, the creator of Open Source Entertainment, a Record Label, and a Music Business Incubator. He’s also the creator of Digital Science Media. Music Independent Artist Digital Platform.

Matej literally started his first company from the ground up with almost no start-up capital, to a 5 million dollar a year, 50 employee enterprise called “greenNEWit.” Wanting to break into the music industry, he invested $40,000 into studio gear and investing into artists, only to find out that the music business takes a lot more than just money. He soon discovered a world of promoters and marketers who didn’t provide accurate information and numbers when working with his clients.

Ultimately the goal of Open Source Entertainment is to become a full-service incubator and label for the independent artist. In the meantime, OSE provides their marketing services to other clients, nothing with smoke and mirrors but providing real information. Out of that came Digital Science Media.

Currently, his company focuses on the following three pillars of music marketing:

  • Digital Marketing 
  • Networking & Public Relations
  • Physical Marketing including Street Teams, Billboards, flyers, and postcards on the ground
  • Digital Platform

Matej Harangozo is an award-winning entrepreneur, music enthusiast, and innovative technologist. He is a driver of disruption with a track record of developing cutting-edge platforms and automation protocols.

He built a company, “greenNEWit” from the ground up — starting with 0% credit cards to 50-plus employees and $5 million per year in revenue at its peak. During the same time, he bought and scaled an international franchise that employed another 35-plus youth employees in the Baltimore area. A serial entrepreneur and web/software systems visionary, he is currently co-owner and managing partner of Codaemon, an e-commerce solutions provider.

Recently, Harangozo made the pivot to something he is really passionate about: music. It is an industry he dreamt of being in ever since he was in high school. Through his quest to help independent artists, producers, DJs, and influencers get noticed, he created Open Source Entertainment, a record label and music business incubator, and Digital Science Media, its digital marketing arm. As a result, these two organizations disrupt the music industry — representing breakout artists including Hello Sister, China Mac, the gospel record label Black Smoke Music, and many others under the hip hop industry legend Wendy Day to name a few.

Once recognized by the SBA as a Maryland Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Harangozo lectures at college universities and is a keynote speaker for TEDx and the Musician Mastery Summit. His companies have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Baltimore Sun.

Harangozo’s unique upbringing in Eastern Europe and as a US immigrant has shaped his unique outlook on business, innovation, history, and culture. These attributes are the drivers behind his success and will continue to guide his principles and future endeavors. He resides in Hanover, Maryland, with his girlfriend Courtney and their two dogs.


He can also be followed on Instagram and YouTube: matej_h_entrepreneur

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