#113-Be The Best You, You Can Be

Be the best you can be

We chat with Zach Farnum, founder of 117 Entertainment Group about everything from the ramifications of the Corona Virus

On this special episode #113-Be The Best You Can Be, we chat with Zach Farnum, founder of 117 Entertainment Group about everything from the ramifications of the Corona Virus on the entertainment industry, to what it is like to work with a legendary artist who is still touring in spite of a debilitating stroke. Zach also shares with us on what is a successful independent artist, what it takes to get good press in major publications, and the team it takes to help take your career to the next level.

117 Entertainment Group (www.117group.com) is a multi-faceted entertainment firm specializing in publicity and marketing campaigns for musicians, events, and brands as well as artist management and development. Their unique approach centers around the artist as a brand, utilizing new and traditional outreach methods, taking full advantage of broad opportunities to influence and stretch results beyond expectations. 117 represents legendary personalities mainly in country, rock and roll and classic rock genres as well as some of the hottest up-and-coming musicians. Founded by Zach Farnum, the group is one of the fastest-rising companies in Nashville and recognized by industry professionals across the country with a major presence in New York and Los Angeles. Enjoy Show #113- Be The Best You, You Can Be.

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