Podcasting 2.0 with Bitcoin | w/ Adam Curry

Adam Curry is credited as one of the creators of podcasting in the early 2000s. Now podcasting has grown into a major industry, which analysts predict will be worth $1billion by 2021. The most common way to monetize podcasting is with advertisers. Adam Curry wants to move away from revenue driven by advertising which he believes is censorship. Adam is attempting to revolutionize podcasting with Podcast Index that will, optionally, allow micropayments using Bitcoin to reward podcasters for their content. In this episode, we discuss the history and future of podcasting revenue using cryptocurrencies. Guest: Adam Curry Listen to Adam Curry’s No Agenda Podcast ➜ http://bit.ly/AdamCurry Bookkeeping For Your Small Business ➜ https://bench.grsm.io/paulbarron8134 #Podcasting #Bitcoin #Crypto ~Podcasting 2.0 with Bitcoin | w/ Adam Curry~