#59 – Software Program That Helps the Creative Brain Work With the Analytical Side of the Brain

Meet Jammber’s Founder and CEO, Marcus Cobb

You spend all that time creating the songs, working towards getting the right producer, engineer, and session players in the studio, but you either don’t have time to get the necessary paperwork completed to go along with your project, or you simply can’t wrap your head around all the details. Meet Jammber’s Founder and CEO, Marcus Cobb and listen as he explains how his company can provide the solutions you need to ensure you get paid for all of your hard work. Jammber is a music technology company focused on streamlining the incredibly complicated  process of creating a song, sharing it with the world and ultimately getting paid and getting credit for it. We work closely with music professionals all over the world to design tools and technology that work the way they do. Bridge is the world’s first web-based project management platform for the music industry — it includes file storage, scheduling, product and contact management all in one place. The Creator Suite is the first mobile suite of collaborative apps built specifically for the music industry. The apps fit seamlessly into the creative process without disrupting the “vibe,” so all concepts are captured when inspiration strikes and credits are locked in at the point creation. These tools work together to break down the barriers to create and bring money and credits closer to the hands of creatives. The Jammber team is a diverse group of music creators, business nerds and tech experts based in Chicago and Nashville. The company got its start at Nashville’s Project Music, the music tech accelerator program, and has acquired over $3.4M in investor funding since then. They are currently serving over 600 clients that have created 1,032 projects, including sessions from Paul McCartney, U2, and One Republic, spanning genres from country to hip-hop.
#45 – Taking In-Ear Monitors into the 21st Century
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