#137 – In the Virtual World, You’re Worth Watching & Getting Paid For It

In 2004, as a musician, Ryan Kintz found that if you weren’t signed to a label, or didn’t have a booking agent, it difficult to book shows as an Indie Artist. He started renting out venues in the Portland OR area, having friends who had bands, play shows and wound up producing 6 to 10 shows per month. With that, Afton Shows was born.

Ryan talks with us regarding his different platforms, including My Afton booking platform, Afton Tickets, and Afton Live Stream, which is designed to help showcase bands virtually, especially during this pandemic, creating a virtual space that is artist-focused.

We also talk about how you can make money as a live stream artist. We touch on whether Facebook Live is the best route, or is there something better out there.

With Afton, they help you design a virtual show that you can monetize off of.

Ryan Kintz is the founder and CEO of Afton Tickets, MyAfton, and Afton LiveStream. Ryan is an event organizer, event producer, concert promoter, and business owner. Afton Shows has produced over 12,000 events and national tours in 60 U.S. cities and 8 Canadian cities with over 1.5 Million tickets sold. Ryan has worked with hundreds of event organizers, over 800 music venues, and tens of thousands of music artists. Afton Tickets clientele includes fairs, festivals, beer/wine/food fests, and concerts that range from 10,000 to 100,000 attendees. As the senior software project manager, Ryan leads a team of 12+ software developers and a team of UI/UX designers.

His team built the Afton Tickets platform as well as the custom-built internal booking software used by Afton Shows. Ryan also built the MyAfton musician platform which currently has over 400,000 musician users. Ryan works onsite at various Afton Tickets clients’ events. He has firsthand experience planning and organizing events and executing online ticketing and box office admissions for large, complex, multiple entry point events.

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