Mr. Inspiration Joe Delmar

No One is Hopeless Whose Hope is In God!

Have any of you found yourself tuned out of life’s blessings, peace and happiness? I have, and I’ve struggled a long, empty road. I tried  prescription drugs, and alcohol,  but was still out of tune. I have survived over 40 assorted surgeries and unwanted medical procedures for rare physical conditions and some common ones..I’m now 70, but I found out how to tune in my life again. By tuning in to Jesus Christ. My desire has always been to help others avoid what I chose to do. Or to help someone who is just struggling with life.
When Tom Sabella asked me to write my thoughts down we  decided to do a weekly inspiration.
Along with all the addictions, I also had many bouts with depression and had to be hospitalized to get my mind back in order. So when I say I’ve been there, I understand what you’re going through, I truly understand. Now, my prayer is that some of these writings and the Scriptures will help you as it is helping me.

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