#114 – The 7 Why Exercise to a Successful Career

Judith Baker teaches how to be comfortable being a leader

Can you get up in front of a crowd and talk without your instrument in hand?

The 7 Why Exercise to a Successful Career. Are you comfortable being a leader? Can you get up in front of a crowd and talk without your instrument in hand? You have to take control of our own personal development, and Judith Baker is on the show to explain how you can accomplish this by taking the 7 Why Exercise to a Successful Career. It’s not easy figuring out where you want to be in your career, or where your career is even headed. 

Judith Baker, MBA, MIT, ITIL, is an award-winning and well-respected leader. Her expertise comes from a combination of education and career experience. A gifted speaker, singer, and songwriter, this military Veteran is no stranger to the podium or platform. Above all, as an entrepreneurial-minded strategic leader, Judith created LeBaker Music as a way to do what she loves to empower and help others achieve a successful career by combining her skills in Leadership and Music.

Judith provides services in the form of Keynote Concerts, custom Songwriting, and music for film & TV.  So what is a “Keynote Concert?” As a certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Judith does things refreshingly different. She combines music and speaking to create an experience instead of a lecture. Skilled at speaking, training, leading masterminds, and lunch-in-learns both in person or virtually, she will work with you to design what is best for your business needs. Part of this process is the 7 Why Exercise which she explains in this episode.

Some of her clients include the U.S. Army, The State of TN, the Medical University of South Carolina, Trevecca University, Boise State University, The National Safety Council, the American Red Cross, A Soldiers Child Foundation, and numerous corporate events.

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