The Business Side of Music Podcast is a weekly podcast that teaches musicians and singers vital information about the workings of the music industry. It is hosted by Bob Bender, Bob is an established music industry veteran with years of major label and indie artist experience

Tom Sabella’s life has revolved around music almost from the start. What began as performing as a singer for 22 years, morphed into owning a recording studio, record label, publishing company, and establishing the Penn-Ohio Christian Arts Council, to unite and promote Christian music in that region,

And also Co-founded a web-based service helping musicians. Based on these experiences, he wrote his first book, Where Do We Go From Here?

Through our online courses, ebooks and podcast you can avoid being taken advantage of by industry sharks, outrageous recording and production costs, and typically costly marketing mistakes.

Believing in music as a positive, motivational force, Tom encouraged high school youth to explore their musical interests, establishing the first curriculum for Entertainment Marketing and Performing Arts in Ohio, including internships. His second book, Don’t Get Taken, Take Control, evolved to protect performers from the music business pitfalls that may threaten their livelihood.

Desiring to reach more contemporaries in the music industry, Tom and his wife moved to Nashville in 2004, The Business Side of Music podcast was born to expand the information and offer ideas current to the technological surges constantly occurring.

Tom has partnered throughout his career with industry professionals to keep aware of artists’ needs. Along with serving on the board of several governing bodies, public speaking and his weekly podcast, Tom has never wavered from his wanting to make a difference. He is passionate about helping artists succeed in their passions and preserving the future of the gift of music.