#66 – Artist Boot Camp for the Aspiring Artist

Artist Boot Camp Photo

Interview with Bill Zufelt

This is a 3 day intensive boot camp for Music Artists who will receive training from five entertainment industry experts, of whom have worked with some of the biggest names in the music business. Topics will include:

•    Mindset
•    Cultivating success as an artist
•    Demystifying the music business
•    Stage presence/choreography
•    PR/marketing/social media
•    Producing/mixing/mastering your music
•    Overcoming mental roadblocks…and much more! 

This boot camp is designed for Artist at every stage of development. Their mission is to equip you with the tools to accelerate your music career and to help you attain the level of success that you aspire to reach! Keep in mind that they are limiting space to 40 Artists so make sure to lock in your spot before tickets sell out!

You can get further information regarding this amazing artist boot camp at www.spirebootcamps.com

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