#39 – 101 Ways To Help Improve Your Chances of Success in the Music Industry

Larry Butler has devoted nearly his entire life to the live performance side of music. From playing keyboards and guitar in bar bands during high school and college in Ohio, evolving into club and concert promoting, and then moving on to become a tour manager for such acts as Randy Newman, Ry Cooder, and Isaac Hayes. Those efforts led him to two decades at Warner Brothers Records as VP of Artist Relations. Along with his focus to educate the artists to utilize touring as a means to selling records, Larry also coached many young artists in performance, staging, and media relations.

Larry now heads his own company “Did It Music” based in Nashville TN. His focus these days is teaching young singer-songwriters the art of becoming experienced artists, writers, and entertainers. He is the author of the book “The Singer/Songwriter Rulebook: 101 Ways To Help Improve Your Chances of Success”.

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