#231 – An Aussie Rocker in Nashville Country

Richie Scholl was living a pretty cool life. Having moved from Queensland Australia to Nashville Tennessee to further his career in the music business in 2007, he was performing on a regular basis, sometimes 6 nights a week in Music City. While doing so, he met his future bandmates Brian Powell (bassist), and Derek Smith (drums), and the 3 of them went on to form “The Richie Scholl Band”.

Then Covid hit, and literally shut everything down, including the band’s ability to play live together. Needing something to do to keep him and his bandmates busy, and not lose the creative flow that the three of them had started, Richie went on to write songs, and thus began the journey of recording their self-titled album “The Richie Scholl Band”.

Born and raised in the cattle, coal, and rail town of Rockhampton, in Queensland, Australia, Richie Scholl started playing bars and clubs, literally a few months after first picking up a guitar at age 13. Richie’s live shows are a testament to the years spent “paying his dues” in front of a live crowd. Although it wasn’t long before he was writing his own music, and eventually released his first album “Zeke’s Wheel”. A record influenced by his early Rock influences by artists such as AC/DC and The Black Crowes.

It wasn’t until meeting with well respected Australian producer Michael Flanders in early 2006 however, that things started happening for Richie. Work was scheduled to begin on a second album, “The Blacktop Junkie’s Guide To Richie Scholl” almost immediately. This album resulted in #1, and #5 singles on Country radio, and a #35 video on CMC Australia.

During the recording of the album, the decision was made to introduce Richie Scholl and his music to the U.S market. After a brief trip to Nashville in 2006 to meet with labels and industry people, Richie relocated to Nashville, TN in early 2007.


Songs featured in this episode include:

“No Man’s Land”
Written by Richie Scholl
Performed by The Richie Scholl Band
Copyright 2021

Written by Richie Scholl
Performed by The Richie Scholl Band
Copyright 2021

Written by Richie Scholl
Performed by The Richie Scholl Band
Copyright 2021

Written by Richie Scholl
Performed by The Richie Scholl Band
Copyright 2021

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