#230 – Anything Worth Doing, Is Worth Overdoing

When Adam Blank was forced to leave behind a scholarship and drop out of college to help his ailing father, he didn’t know what lay ahead. The Marietta, Georgia-based entrepreneur knew he had to pitch in, so he took a job at a recycling plant and put his creative aspirations on hold.

Blank emerged from this curve in the road anthemically triumphant. For over twenty-five years, he has owned and operated two highly successful recycling businesses, and his hard work has afforded him the opportunity to return to his passion for the arts. Recently, the Georgia Council for the Arts acknowledged Blank’s contributions to the local music scene by appointing him a seat on their Board of Directors.

His music-driven entrepreneurial ventures include the music merchandise company Blank Threads, and the production/promotion business Blank Records. Blank Record’s flagship offering is the buzzed-about online concert series Live at the Print Shop.

Adam talks with us about the road he took, how it helped shape him, and create a new streaming video series.

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