#221 – Knowledge Is Meant To Be Shared

Born in Romania, raised in Germany, and now living in Los Angeles CA, classical guitarist and instructor Mircea Gogoncea joins us on the show. As an teacher of the instrument, Mircea believes that its important to start at an early age when learning the craft. This is where the company Tonebase comes in.

The company which has been described as “Netflix meets Masterclass”. has a firm belief that knowledge is meant to be shared. The passing down of information from one generation to the next is the only way a culture can continue to develop and grow. Nowhere is this more true than in music. Without a great teacher, students at every skill level cannot progress sufficiently. That is why it is crucial for all students to have access to the best instructors possible through every stage of their musical development. Unfortunately, for too long, the knowledge of the world’s greatest musicians has been accessible to only a select few – those with the necessary talent and funds to attend the most elite universities and conservatories. At tonebase, their mission is to change that standard by democratizing high-level music education around the world. By combining music, passion, and technology, we aim to build the go-to resource for anyone learning an instrument anywhere.

Mircea Gogoncea is a Romanian-German guitarist based in Los Angeles. He has performed in over 350 concerts on 5 continents and has been awarded 169 prizes. His interactive concerts feature own compositions for guitar, live electronics, and audience participation, challenging the traditional separation between the roles of performers and listeners. He holds six university degrees, including a Doctor of Musical Arts from USC. He is Head of Guitar at tonebase, the leading online music education institution.

Music played on this episode:

Song: “Sonata K380, L.23”

Songwriter: Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757)

Performed by: Mircea Gogoncea

Song: “Theme and Variation from The Mariner’s Tale”

Songwriter: Ashley Lucero

Performed by: Mircea Gogoncea

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