#156 – To Keep That Success Story You Have To Keep On Pushing

We chat with entrepreneurs, radio/podcast hosts, mentors, music industry executives, Candy O’Terry, and Jacy Valeras, the creators and hosts of the series “Country Music Success Stories.” During our discussion, we talk about everything from the glass ceiling for women being much higher than it is for men in the music business (It’s an unspoken rule that in radio, you’re not supposed to play to female artists back to back, but it’s okay to play male artists in that manner), what is “Star Power” (and what it takes to have and keep it going). The lessons they’ve learned from interviewing some of the Country Music biggest legends and to keep that success story going, you have to keep on pushing.

Candy O’Terry has been the voice coming out of Boston Mass radio for 25 years on Magic 106.7. It was a long journey from secretary to co-hosting morning drive, where she learned so much along the way. There were so many highlights during that journey, but the two that mattered most to her were hearing her own songs on the radio and creating the weekly Exceptional Women show. Interviewing women is what she loves to do and has continued that with the launch of the weekly podcast series: The Story Behind Her Success. So far, more than 700 women have shared their stories with Candy, and she’s not stopping there.

Jacy Dawn Valeras was only 13 when she started writing songs and singing at local events in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. By the time she was 19, Jacy had her own band and a crazy performing schedule, opening for such country music legends like Reba and Willie and playing on stages like Madison Square Garden, the iconic Bluebird Café the Texas Troubadour Theatre. When vocal issues caused her to press pause on her career as a singer, Jacy knew she had to create a new chapter in her life, so she took her talent as a performer and matched it with her love of social media marketing, graphic design, and content creation, and Platinum Circle Media was born. 


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