10 Things You Can Do To Raise Your Vibe While Quarantined!

10 Things You Can Do To Raise Your Vibe While Quarantined!

10 Things You Can Do To Raise Your Vibe (feel happier)

  1. Meditate. You can do guided meditations or just sit in silence. Whenever I am feeling stressed, I start meditating, and it takes me out of my fight or flight mindset. I have a Singers Success Guided Meditation if you want I can send it to you! Meditation is excellent for coping with stress and will help you feel more level headed and be able to make decisions easier. You will also have more clarity, and it will be easier to think.
  1. Gratitude Journaling. You can make a list of things you are grateful for. Having a journal is great! Or you can type it out. Either way, you can start with just 5 to 10 things you are grateful for. It is easier to feel better when you are in a mindset of gratitude. Some things you could be thankful for are: food to eat, a place to live, your friends and family, your singing or songwriting ability, your clients, your co-writers, any opportunities you have had, living in Nashville, electricity, wifi, your car, your lights, your guitar, etc. 🙂
  2. Create a vision board! Vision boards are a hugely powerful tool for attracting what you want in your life as known as manifesting. Put photos of places you want to travel in the future, of course. If you are an artist, an example could be touring ( in the future), opening up for different artists, getting your song on a particular Spotify playlist, a movie. It could be about any category, health, relationships, etc. Create your dream life on board! You can do this on Pinterest, or just write it out on paper or cut out pictures from magazines and paste them onto a paper or poster board. You will be surprised at what happens when you do this, and it will also give you more motivation to work towards your dream. It will show you the endless possibilities. It is a lot easier to visualize it when you can see it in front of you. I also ask you to include either in your meditation or vision board healing for the world.
  3. Sing! Whatever emotion you are feeling, sing! Singing and playing music will help you feel better. Use your feelings right now as a channel to create the most influential music. Music is healing and transforms lives. Sing around the house, sing in the shower, sing outside your window, etc. With singing, also I encourage you to write music! Go setup zoom sessions with co-writing partners and make some music. Or do it solo and grab that guitar and jam, working on those beautiful and powerful songs. Music will heal you. You can also throw a virtual karaoke party, find those youtube tracks and just start singing away!
  4. Dance around in your house! Throw a virtual facebook dance party. Blast that music, and have fun! Listen to the songs that get you to move and shake. Do a Facebook watch dance party! Create it on zoom. For me, it is broadway music. For some reason, that always gets me moving!
  5. Journal. Sometimes we just have a lot on our minds and need to get it on paper or on your computer. Reflect, sit in quiet, and write. Write out your emotions, write out your dreams, write out how you want to improve your life. Write out how you will do things differently in the future. Write out your fears and how you can face them in the future. Write out your most significant challenges and strengths. Get to really know yourself more. I am sure you have a lot to say to yourself! You should become your own best friend and love yourself. Making lists can be fun too! Write To-Do Lists etc. 🙂 Get creative with it!

Whatever emotion you are feeling

  1. Do what makes you happy! When we are doing things that feel good and ignite our passions, we will attract more things we want in our lives. The more of a high vibe you are in, aka feeling good. The better you attract incredible things and people into your life. The same goes for the reverse. When you are feeling sad, angry, depressed, and low, you will attract more of that in your life. So my advice is to focus on doing things that make you feel happy. Whether that is baking cookies, taking bubble baths, songwriting, producing music, playing guitar, watching your favorite Netflix show. Pay attention to what feels right to you! If you are single, why not virtual date as well using apps like Bumble, Hinge, etc. Bumble even has a networking section where you can connect with different professionals
  2. Learn! I can’t tell you the number of online courses out there to help you learn a new skill, copywriting, production, mixing, editing graphic design, teaching, etc. Whatever you want to learn now is your chance! Also, listen to podcasts, watch webinars, and really learn. There is so much to learn. So many free youtube videos, free webinars, and even a lot of companies are offering free courses! I am also providing you my Mindset Mastery Course. 🙂 Also, if you have a skill, consider creating online ways to sell that skill. You can create courses on almost anything! It is not as hard as you may think. I did it! You can do it too. There are even courses on making courses. You have no excuse if you want to learn, there is info out there to learn. Also, feed your mind with positive podcasts, youtube channels, positive music, etc. 

If you would like free access to my Mindset Mastery courses as well as my Singer Success Guided Meditation email me at dani@danifelt.com
Remember, you are amazing, powerful, and talented. You can do anything. You got this!

Contributor: Dani Felt, CEO of Music Industry Mastery LLC and the Artist Plugin Program

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